hi my name is angel and i have a website..it is considered adult but its not pornography at all..it is a site about my modeling and my dancing... it is fun.. interactive ... erotic & sensual but it is NOT porn..i finally was up and running in october without a search engine..(we have been applying but no luck yet..im told by my designer that this can take up to 6 months ..) any suggestions there too..lol.. on my own i got 45 memebrs since oct 22, 2004.... i have been scammed by a company named pay by web and plug n pay and villiage consultants..these three all work together...my site requires memberships and automatic renewal...i have stopped these companies..i need a new merchant account or some way of collecting my members credit cards..and processing and renewing....i need a reputable company...i need to find one right away..i was paying alot in fees and percentages..and they took all of my money..im new to this website..andi am praying that someone here can help me..my website address is <<URL Snipped to comply with rules - Please keep discussion on the forum>> advice and suggestions..HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all...ANGEL ;)

might want to try ccbill

Why don't you try Paypal, they are teh most trusted merchant company on the web.