Hi all,

Well, I'm in a pickle LOL

I just signed up for Verisign's Fraud Protection & Buyer Authentication program. In the meantime I was also looking into going w/ a new shopping cart company like 1shoppingcart.com which is a hosted company that was recommended.

They have a ton more features that I need, like an affiliate program, tracking system, ezine capability etc.

I was all ready to sign up & thought I better make sure they are set up w/ the Buyer Auth. program when I found out they don't take Pay Flow Link.

I was shocked & a little pissed to say the least. Seems they had problems w/ Verisign's regular service over 2 yrs. ago. I've never had any problems just to be clear.

So, even though I have a hosted shopping cart right now, they don't offer any of the extra features I want.

I don't want to go w/ a regular shopping cart b/c I like knowing that upgrades are made on a regular basis & tech support is always there if I need them.

Can anyone recomend a very good hosted shopping cart that has all or some of the features I want for a good price. 1shoppingcart's pro package was only $79/month.

Also, I'd prefer a PHP system, but will break down & go w/ an MS sytem if it has everything I need :) Seems a lot of them are coded in asp :(

Thanks & have a great day !


Actually I finally got http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?pr=1&id=66351 to put Pay Flow Link back up.

They had taken it down about 2 yrs. ago b/c Verisign was causing problems.

I searched high & low for an alternative that would give me everything their pro package offers & I couldn't find anything. Amazing how only one company offers all of that. I found one other site, but they didn't even have Versign on their list LOL

So, I FINALLY signed up 2 days ago.

Wish me luck with it :)


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