Let me first say that I will be the last to complain about this situation...it was extremely profitable for me! However, after a few long nights of thought, I am still baffled by this situation and I am quite curious whether anyone else has experienced this.

I created a website approx. a year ago. It only has 6 pages, but they are content rich, in my opinion. After submitting to the usual search engines, I have not since touched it. I always planned to come back to it and update it, but became busy with other projects, so never got around to marketing it much. The site in question is purely information, does not sell anything (I am withholding the URL in fear of being accused of promoting it). The website has been receiving about 50-100 hits per day (nothing to write home about). Then all the sudden, several days ago, the site generates 10,800 hits & 32,000 page views in one day, with 99.99 % of that traffic coming from Yahoo Search. The next day, traffic returns to normal, getting about 100 hits per day. How in the heck do you explain that? Has anyone seen this occur before? I was coming up 3rd in the search results for the keywords I target; is this a miracle or is there a fairly logical explaination? Again...I'll be the last to complain...but I can't help my curiosity! Any insight?


I have seen that people and it can be two things:
1. Lots of spiders and robots visited your site
2. Your site could have been under spam attack.

yea.. weird.. maybe you can check your log files (assuming you don't have analytics installed)?