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Hi all, I would appreciate, if you can please answer couple of questions I have right now regarding "Any procedures or methodologies for attracting traffic to my blog: 1. I have customized my blog using wordpress and I am ready with my blog with relevant content regarding Technical Writing. What …

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Recent days people wants to get popular .But for that they are ready to use shortcuts like who is already popular using their identity.Example they will create a social media blog microsite in the popular identity from their they will direct the link to their website.But the concern person don't …

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Digital marketing is the latest buzzword. However, it often leaves one wondering what it is all about. More significantly, there is much confusion over how effective and useful it really is. Let’s face it; with the Internet emerging as the all-new and most efficient marketplace for the 21st century, the …

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I need quick SEO tip for my website.... can anyone help me providing those quickly.... thnx

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I want to start an ecommerce site, but don't know where to start. I will be starting a photo website pretty soon, but I am looking to also sell cameras and other photo related items.

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Hello, I use gsitecrawler to create sitemap for my websites. Are there any tool to create a sitemap better than gsitecrawler? I learned from this forum that if we have a sitemap on each site, it is good for SEO. My other question is, gsitecrawler creates a sitemap and I …

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Hi, I wanted to increase more visitors to my website SNIP As of now I have 600+ unique visitors as per Google Analytics statistics daily. Since it’s a job website, I wanted to get my website more to fresh graduates/students and also experienced job seekers. People are saying about Email …

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I just read an article that stated Pepsi will invest on social media instead of advertising during the Super Bowl breaks. [url][/url] Do you think more companies will follow Pepsi's footsteps?

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Hello, I am looking for the best pay per click advertising programs similar to AdWords and yahoo. Can anyone recommend any that I can set the little ppc like less than 10 cents per click. Thanks very much.

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Cancer is a terrible disease which it has claimed the life of a well known technology journalist and a well known coder within the last couple of weeks. Now Facebook has been diagnosed as being in the final stages of that online cancer which is a disregard for user privacy, …

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Hi I am just about to launch a uk dating website the problem is with so many big companies out there what is the best way to get my brand out there I will be starting my own database of users as I don’t want to share profiles if any …

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could anybody tell me the most active forum at present except --DP , Sitepoint , SEO chat ,and Warrior forum thanx in advance

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Ethical SEO means that the optimization is performed in perfect line with the rules set forth by Google. Many SEO’s try to “fool” Google by using underhanded SEO practices. <snip> that always practices “ethical SEO”. <snip> follows Google’s rules with no attempt to fool the system. <snip> operates directly with …

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The US military is apparently making good use of a secure Facebook-like system for networking which already has hundreds of user groups and thousands of members. Known as "milBook" the system has been embraced by the Department of Defense for the way it can open up safer avenues of communications …

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I tried trafficlub and it sucks! I switched to namedrive now, and the same domain i got $1 per click is now getting .03 cents from namedrive, and dont tell me about fabulous cause they just suck, they send you australian checks and it not accepted in north america, i …

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hello friends,i need help from you regading my site i have a site regarding the replica handbags and i want to sell handbags with my site.but i have no success.i worked on it from last 3-4 month.

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A warning to other companies who are considering taking part in any strategy/ networking meetings organised by IBDG: Our firm signed up for IBDG’s IT Directors Strategy Meeting, scheduled for February 2010, under the impression that we were dealing with a well respected and professional company and thus wanted to …

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What advertising strategies does a web store's owner have to follow to attract online buyers to his shopping site and increase sales volume? [COLOR=blue]3DProf4online from TouchBubble[/COLOR]

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Click rates depends on different category keywords........ but just to know whats the highest click rate anyone has got from adsense I have got $10/click once idea of the word .. but my site was about finance and stocks what the highest you guys got from adsense

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Three Simple Ways to Promote Website in very short period of time: - Social Bookmarking Sites - Article Website - Advertisement Website Using these three simple ways to get huge traffic from internet.

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First, sorry for my bad English ! I don't know how to submit my site to Google ? And in first 30th rank ?

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i run a forum has been around 1+ yrs and i receive plenty of unique visitors (4500 /mon), yet i make $9 per month. I tried everything right from CJ to many other advertising, seems nothing works for me. How can i increase my earnings?

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Hi, I have a single site based on technology. Please suggest some sites where i can post comments and get good visitors. {snip link} Please fell free to give any suggestion and Ideas.

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[B]Intro[/B] Google is the most popular and most used search engine that is used in this day and age therefore it is important to increase your link popularity to your website with links that are pointed to your site which will result in increase a of your website traffic and …

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We all know there are other micro blogging platforms than Twiter, but guess what, no one really "tweets" about it. Thus, for those businesses who do have an active twitter account, has your twitter presence helped drive targeted traffic to your site? Short term? Long term?

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i have a free domain website and i need to get traffic to my website, how can i do this?

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Hi again, I'm new to PPC, so pls. bare with me. Question... Out of ALL the pay per click SEs & sites, which one do you feel gives you the best ROI? I'm guessing Google, but just want to hear what others say. Oh can you please PM me, cuz …

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Before some times ago Google shows 935 backlinks but now a days shows 681 for my site.. Kindly suggest me what can I do to improve the backlinks or any tools to check which backlinks are removed from Google....

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The highest-priced keyword in the United States last month sold on Google for $99.44 per click... Can you guess the keyword?

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