A really good way to sell a product effectively is to understand what others think about it and the way you are promoting it. Whether that be positioning, colour, price ETC. The best way to do this would be to submit a survay on a dedicated survaying website.

I'd highly recommend this one(AWSurveys.com) where you can either add survays of your own to get information or complete others survays and earn upto $15 dollars per one!!
Its really really good for making money!

Also, while you're there the information you get will really help develop your marketing plan. For example, if people say they don't like something... CHANGE IT!

Im only posting this because the site has already made me alot of money and improved my website LOADS for literally nothing. Im in love Daniweb! :)

Hope this all helps,
Feel free to get in touch if you need any more advice at my website reecesplace.co.uk


This is really good. I have personally researched into survey monkey and recruiting survey takers via craiglist. If the site you mention is true, then it is worth it.

I need to see the authenticity of your information
If you really want what you say
This is a very good choice

there are plenty of discussion about awsurvey for scam:
www mylot com/w/discussions/1209304 aspx

i think so people (or maybe insiders) do really get PAID!
but overall i think its really likely to be a scam (pls judge by yourself)

I have registered an account within and they actually paying $6 dollars for 2 sentance of two websites comments. Its really irrational for such high rates! So i do really doubt that!

Take your risk to join the site while may be they are farming emails / or some websites traffic / ads clicks

i will get you soon because i need advice from you regarding my site traffic and earning

I dont believe on the surveys because there are some survey sites which offer you money but most of them are scam or fake.. If you really want to increase your products sales then you should choose a legitimate method!

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