I am webmaster of uniquesofts, we provide outsourcing your task to one who is not on your shore or the buyer of the service is located in some other country then the provider of the service. And wide range of internet marketing and search engine optimization to promote the websites. Also we offer cheap web design services in India and all over the world. Mostly I was submitting more directory site. Now I have not directory list. Give some directory sites...

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Search in Google for top directories. Its a fact that not all web directories are considered valuable by Google, but some are still considered as good resources to web listings.

Strange... web marketing company asking in forums about one of marketing things... with its url..

Worthless outsourcing company, I think...

Yes i support mackone, you should use google to search for the type of web directories you want and you will get enough of them.

You can get quick results using search engines. To find keyword related directories search using this allinurl:directory"internet marketing" , you will find lots of directories. Look for free directories and aim for high PR directories.

Closing this discussion before it becomes too much of a breeding ground for spammers.

Oh please dont need to do it you sould give the relevancy in directory than make backlinks please follow the google guideline to get your website more traffice ( thank you )

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