I am trying to get an automated system down where it offers everything vBAdvanced(vBulletin Hack) offers but instead of having 15-20 queries each time the page is loaded a simple static page is loaded. I feel this would allow for more traffic to expierence the front page. I would want to make this automatically generated say every 15-30 minutes with new updates and such.

Is this possible with vBA and alot of its modules especially the gallery module(shows random/last 4 pics)?

Does this sound like a feasible goal to help the site keep server resources down?

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I think that a better approach is to do something similar to the moreover hack for phpBB (although I don't remember exactly what it's called). Basically what it does is take an RSS feed that you want to syndicate and cache the HTML output to a txt file that updates every 10 minutes or so. You might be able to use a simialar technique to cache parsed versions of the templates in the database ..... I'm thinking something along the lines of the default vB postcache?

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