I think Social media optimization gives best result to get traffic more.Best result of SERP also increase the traffic of your website..so you can also improve the rankig of keyword in search engine.

The best primary ways to get traffic for the site is :
article posting
forum discussion
blog commenting
blog posting
directory submission.
Social bookmarking etc.......

It’s no secret that if you want to get traffic to a website, you need to get it ranked well in search engines, especially Google. The first thing that needs to happen is to get your site indexed, meaning that the search engine’s spider has visited your site and has added it to their index of web pages. This is commonly referred to as a search engine spider crawling a website.

build social networking groups

First thing, when you have a new site or blog is to create quality contents. Don't do massive backlinking right away or else, your site will go to sandbox. Do social network marketing is the safest way. after the content, then do backlinking.

Forum postings and blog commenting also help in increasing traffic to the site.

Getting your site indexed on search engine is most important & how much is the crawling taking place on your site. Link submission is most important for getting backlinks for your site & as site becomes mature, its rank will automatically comes at top & more users will land on your site & ultimately the traffic increases. Off page SEO & On page SEO are vital tools for increasing site traffic.

These days social bookmarking , blogs, articles , videos be very helpful for getting the more traffic. As these days social media also plays the huge role in getting the more traffic to the site.
But quality content is the natural way to get the traffic.

We've recently been working on drumming up content for a new site, so I'll just run through a few things that I've done to try and improve traffic. Some of it is a bit more SEO-oriented but hopefully it's still useful.

Page Indexing

In terms of getting your site indexed, it is very important to create an XML sitemap that search crawlers can use to quickly and easily index your site. This sitemap lists all of your URLs. Google has a wealth of useful information about this on their Webmaster Tools site. You can also submit the sitemap directly to Google through Webmaster Tools. This may speed up crawling, so it's definitely worth making a free account on there.

A second file that will be useful to crawlers is a robots.txt file. This is a very small text file that tells the crawlers which links not to look at, saving them time. It can also contain a link to the XML sitemap.

You can also try submitting your site to human-moderated directories like the Open Directory Project.
It takes time to get accepted but if you get indexed, it should improve your standing with big search engines.

Meta Tags and Titles

Make sure that all of your pages have clear, unique titles and description meta tags. When people are searching for the keywords that you care about, they're more likely to notice and click through to websites with simple, to-the-point information rather than just a string of keyword spam.

Generating Content

Content generation is very important if you want people to visit your site. It's all very well having a good initial rush of visitors through other means, but they won't come back unless there's something interesting there for them to see/do. Slowly build up a regular audience to your site by writing a blog or generating discussion on a forum. Even if your site has nothing to do with blogging or forums, it's still very worthwhile. You can use these media to discuss the aims of your site, talk about the development process, anything that you think will be interesting to people who you eventually want to use the site. They'll be much more likely to want to use your site if they are interested in it and understand how it works.

Another aspect of content generation is commenting on existing high-traffic blogs in your area of marketing. Make sure that your contributions are interesting and valuable, not just vague one-line responses, and people will be much more likely to follow them up.

This applies to forum posting too. Contribute to discussions (like this one) on forums which are relevant to your website, and you'll pull in people who are interested in the things that you post. If you just go for flagrant advertising, you'll most likely be ignored, but if you add something useful then you're creating interest. If you have a cooking website, for example, go on cooking forums and discuss your recipes, critique others' ideas, and generally just make yourself known as a useful member of the community. The same techniques apply across the board.

Hope that this helps a bit!

Cheers, Jon

you might want to read these blog post regarding promotion of your website.

After indexing and crawling website, I think first process is putting link in different social networking sites and share ling and you also do forum posting blog commenting.......

First of all you should do on paging seo for your website ,in on paging put title, keywords, description in your webpages and use h1 and h2 tags, alt tags with images etc. Second step you have to follow is:- social bookmarking, article submission, directory submission, blog posting,forum posting, blog commenting, yahoo answers.then you will get traffic to uour site and backlinks for your site also.

To get traffic there are some basic step you should follow:
Make your profile stronger on various sites.
Submit content, review of website on that sites that gives do-follow links

If you are not getting visitors from search engines initially then you can also get visitors from referral sites, forums, social networking sites, blogs as well.

The initial steps to get traffic on site are first of all check the content of your site, it should be original and of good quality. Then do off page of the site.
Some off page techniques:
Social bookmarking
Directory submission
Article submission
Blog posting
RSS submission
Link wheel
Press release
Forum posting
Social networking

I go through this a lot as I am a web developer. Each of my projects I do this:
1) focus on getting good content (content is king for visitor retention)
2) start your advertising campaign (create social media pages, share with your contacts)
3) continue your advertising campaign (go to answer/forum sites that are related to your site and start answering questions (when you get enough posts you can advertise your site in the signature))
4) Continue step 3 as it builds backlinks to your site and google gives you a better ranking
5) Make sure your content is fresh and site is updated

I find that with these steps after a few months you'll generate Good google ranks that the search engine referral will take over as your #1 source of new visitors. Hope that helps you!

You need to make sure that in the competitive world of internet marketing that your site is SEO optimized. You may want to also use social media to heavily promote your site. Also, don't overlook the value of creating a signature and posting across niche related forums. It will take some time to build but if you keep a consistent routine of using many different methods to drive traffic to your site then you will be successful.


You have to do link building in this way it helps your website to generate traffic. Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many more will make your site popular, so that is important thing you need to consider.

I think the main crux with initial steps of getting traffic is to make use of proper meta tags, descriptions and getting backlinks from highly ranked websites of the same topic.

Link building is necessary but it is very difficult. I am trying to get more links to a website but not sure how to get more links. I have submitted articles to many websites. That is the only way I know.

Doing link building is not difficult to do such as directory submission and social bookmarking, just examples of link building that surely you can make it. Submitting articles is a big of help also to get traffic.

Sites that sell items can post on free classifieds and craigs list.

Yes, that's true,It's a one way also to promote your site.

The better way to increase back links is to submit home page URL in different sites, posting classified ads and blog commenting. This increases the visitors number.

In order to get visitors to your site you need to advertise it. You can do this via links or banners ( paid or unpaid ).
I would suggest at first to addvertise a site via social media and doing backlinks on sites that allow and you can.
If you have someting interesting to offer people will click the link - visit your site.

Social Activities as natural user.

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