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It’s no secret that if you want to get traffic to a website, you need to get it ranked well in search engines, especially Google. The first thing that needs to happen is to get your site indexed, meaning that the search engine’s spider has visited your site and has added it to their index of web pages. This is commonly referred to as a search engine spider crawling a website.

Nice information by "michealheart". SMO (Social Media Optimization) also brings traffic to your website.

In my opinion the initial steps to be taken for promoting any site is to join facebook ...and start out making friends who are of related interest...Facebook will keep on suggesting more friends keep on gathering friends and increase your network...put useful content share all quality links with your link.
The impact will be increased traffic from the facebook as well as increased ranks in the search engines.

I'm also going to say "Right on, Michaelheart." The broad-spectrum approach that TV commercials and other old school advertisers have been using for years are outdated. Especially with the advent of group buying and hyper-local deals, it's become a much better policy to attract those prospective buyers to your site who are more predisposed to purchase from you to begin with, rather than waste your time with people who probably won't.

Self Promtional

Fore fresh and new websites, the fast thing to index is to use free services like Then follow-up with lots of quality backlinks... best way is linkwheel..

You can try Link Building activity. Forum postings also help in increasing traffic to the site.

there are lots of ways to do that if you spend enough time to find posts on that in this forum and others.


Traffic can be got from discussion places also like forums, answer sites, blog commenting etc., this kind of traffic is really very targeted.

yah, its true that users can use forums and blogs for increasing the links of a website. These links can be added to the content in these sources.

Well, The initial steps to make the page ranked in strong search engines are rich and unique content. then the good information and updated everyday.

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that's rich, coming from a spammer

Initial step -
1 - On-Page-Optimization - title, description, meta-tag, unique content
2 - OFF-Page-Optimization - Blog commenting, Book-marking etc.


do link building this will help you with your page rank and apparently will help on the traffic


These are the ways to get the traffic.
1. Press release
2. Link wheel
3. Directory submission

On Page SEO
Link Building

There are several ways to improve the traffic to your website.
Marketing & Promotion
Word of Mouth
Internet Marketing

Good blog posts often entice people to comment on your post or twitter it. In turn, it is a good idea to twitter comments from your visitors to share it with others. Writing, commenting, and sharing will get you back links to your site...more easily and naturally...

Link Building,SMO are the initial ways of getting traffic to the website.In beginning you may face some problems but once you start generating traffic you would get a lot of it.Your content should also be unique and attractive which would attract regular traffic.

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