I have a forum, in sig and in review section, and I am unable to convert my members into posting members. I post literally 3 -4 times per day and respond to all messages. I have many contests and opportunities available for my members. However, they sign post a few times and disappear. What's going wrong that I am not seeing?? Thanks for the help.

What topic is your forum about, think if the people in that topic need help and share thir knowledge.

Have you noticed the forum background to open access?

it is nice forum but still you need some more work and time to get benefit from it, I've sign up there...

it is nice forum but still you need some more work......

forums are just for getting backlinks these days so its very hard to find some people who are actually looking for some tips/help or even help others, thats why I hate spammers like that...

commented: maybe for you, but some people find forums helpful places -3

May be the admin of the forum is delete your post.

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