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I've got suckered in to a scam, I wont mention the
names of companys right now. but, I can say this.
I received a E-mail from Amsterdam, netherlands stating I won
$350,000. I received many E-mails from them and fake Certificates. they wanted $920.00 wired to them so I did.
I sent cash. Two weeks later they wanted $4000.00 to transfer the money in to my bank account. So I tryed.
thanks to western union they contacted me really fast.
They intercepted the money 15 minutes before the transfer and sent it back to me. They were watching this company for awhile. I didn't get my $920.00 back but, I could have lost a lot more thanks to them I learned my lesson. Never trust
any lotto out side the U.S.A or out side your state for that matter. I'm now worried they may use my info for I.D theft.
gave them every thing for I.D. driving license, birth certificate,
social #. I'll post name of Company's if I'm allowed too?

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Sorry to hear that dude.

How long have you been using the internet?

I'm not sure what this has to do with online communities but instead of posting the info here I would bring it to your local police station ASAP if you haven't done so already. Good luck.

Life is cruel and unfair. And because it's unfair, people take advantage of that. Sorry to hear that you lost all that cash. One of the rules in life, though, is to not be part of a sweepstake that requires you to shell out cash before you see the dough.

It is nothing wrong with life, few people learn after making mistake. :(

Remember the saying: "If it sounds too good to be probably is." Maybe you should inquire about possibly changing your ID information.

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