Is there any way to import data from MS Access in MYSql, so that I can add new members in groups in IPB-- this is solely a discussion forum for a digital media network targeted for college and high school students in the area. This is kind of a challenging project because it covers a big scope but not sure how to approach it. I want to include only 2 letters of first name and last name of students that is used for usernames, but they have the same password. In addition, when they log in on to their accounts-- they have the ability to change it later on. Any advice and help is very much appreciated.:)

I would start by downloading phpMyAdmin, if you're not already using it. It's a great php-based web application that lets you interact with a MySQL database. It may be possible to import a database from a text file using phpMyAdmin ... I'm not entirely sure. Since it's definitely possible to save an MS Access file as a comma-delimited text file, you might want to do a google search for [search]mysql imported from comma-delimited text file[/search]