I've came to know that most of the bloggers who sale the post with links to other sites develop their blogs rank which is mostly fake.. plz tell me how Can i check the fake page rank and i am also very much curious to know how they built fake page rank

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If you're using the Google Toolbar, I'm fairly certain you wouldn't be able to fake that rank. But it's updated infrequently (last confirmed one was in June 2011).

In the past, it could be manipulated by using a meta tags to a higher ranking page. But I thought Google fixed that awhile back. I'm sure manipulation still occurs, but if you think a PageRank is fake, I believe you just need to run a Google search for that URL in question. If the results display the URL of an entirely different site, it's fake!

You can use Google Chrome, Firefox and other Browsers Extensions/Plugin to know the exact PR .

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I am using SEOQUAKE

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