Please let me know How to increase Google Page Rank in Short Span on Time.

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It is not an easy task to increase your PR in few days.But there are many tasks which you can do to significantly improve your PR.You can do quality comments on blogs in your niche, write guest posts, submit articles, try To get inbound links from other good PR sites.See that your website Content is really Good and Unique,Keep Updating your site from time to time with new events and news.

Quality links with sites that have a higher page rank is the best method to use, particularly, as smith_warnes noted, if the link is in-bound. But you have no control over that so it definitely isn't a fast way to get page rank.
Posting in forums and writing articles, blogs, etc may provide some benefit, just make sure links to your site aren't marked as rel="nofollow" (as they are on Daniweb) because then you won't gain anything.
Sorry, but I have to ask: do you work for Because it would be kind of ironic if you do...

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An SEO company asking for tips on how to do SEO. Priceless :)

This is a silly question as a Google PR increase means very little if anything at all when it comes to ranking web pages in the search results. As a result of on-site optimization (which is the real SEO by the way) PR0 web pages can kick the snot out of PR6's vying for the same keyphrase status. Anyone who thinks they are a good optimizers because of the effectiveness of their link building schemes is like a chef who serves frozen dinners.

well, growing baby takes time, and if you use suppliments means, at some point it will get hurt. dont be too fast, Google is too smart and now a days understanding very well.

if you are gonna increase PR means get a links from different areas like blogs, forums, social media and even from your niche.

if you buy high pr links, then make sure they are not under google scanner. what ever you do get links should look like a natural link other wise it will be boom

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The most best way that you can do is that have links from sites or pages that have already had page-rank above 0. The problem is that getting those kind of links is not easy, unless you are willing to money in acquiring them which is risky. Having great content on your site that people can link to can also make a big difference since those links tend to be high quality.

Thanks all for your valuable time and answers.

Seo is a steay process.It will take time but do On page of your site without any blach hat technique.Yes Quality of content matters and today Content is King so use unique and quality content,While doing off page make quality back links...

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