Do not try to build links with software!! This is my suggestion. Well, if you want to get traffic, you can try email marketing. It's very efficient. You can use a software for email marketing. I am using iKode Newsletter Server now, and it brings a lot of traffic, if you are interested in this free newsletter software, just google it! Hope to help you and your website!

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Newsletters are fine to get traffic, but it works a little. SE traffic or linking traffic is a must for survival.

Judging by the amount of emails I delete (unread) every day, I agree with lira01. I think that unless you're a popular brand with the recipient of your email, they will delete you unread also, and you would have wasted your time, energy and resources. There are better ways!

Thanx goodtaste.
It happens to all, we receive numerous emails everyday. But how many we can read actually? Hardly 1 or 2 or simply delete them.

Yes, email marketing is also a good technique to get visitors for your busines.. But for getting good result from the email marketing, you need to get a good database of email ids..

I agree buliding links to bring more traffic is a vital tool.

yes i agree link building always give good traffic....

I've been using linkbuilding strategies for months already and it is really effective! :)

Absolutely right that Email Marketing is good technique to get traffic.Email Marketing is simple,easy and cheapest way then other techniques.It helps you to develop better relationship with your customers and other business parties SNIP

commented: please, no advertising links in your posts -2

i think email marketing and use some tool for SEO.They'll bring traffic for your website

I want to know about Email marketing. So please anyone describe something about it. i have some question that How can we do this? What is right procedure to perform email marketing for a business?

        Email marketing is one of the best trick that i perform to for business. But still no one can say that what is best thing for generate traffic.

I think email marketting is good for news letters only but it isn't always going to work . Also people might block their ID if they don't linke too much mail coming to their inbox.

I agree! Better to do email marketing to get more traffic than building links from a software that can cause a spamming of bad links to your money site. Read my blog at


From my point of view, I think we can obtain teh best results by diversifying the traffic sources. We shoudl focus on getting treffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, as well as from refferals and email marketing.

I am also agree with bulidng links.

I like the idea but most of potential users will see email marketing as spamming.

Nice idea to get traffic on a site. Do email marketing to your site and it helps you to get traffic on your site

A professionally managed eMail Marketing Campaign could prove to be the best way to develop a business. One of the best things about eMail marketing Campaign is that it can reach a large number of audiences in a shorter period of time and keeps your products noticeable and easily accessible over the internet.

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