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I am a newbie with all of this and I just wanted to know the best way of getting paid banner advertisements on my website? Are there companies that specialise in getting paid banner advertisements for your website? And which ones are the best ones to work with?

Or are there other more lucrative ways of getting paid banner advertisements?

Does anyone also know how much traffic in terms of visitors and page views would generate £2,000 in banner advertisement revenue per month?

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If you are just learning about placing ads on your site, you'll find several options. Partnering with Google and setup in an Adsense account and integrating the banners on your pages is very easy. Te part that is not so easy is generating revenue. For the revenue that you are expecting, it depends on the number of visitors and how many ads get clicked on. I would say you would need more than a million visitors per month. There is no formula that you can use to predict this.

AdSense is the best place to start because, firstly, they tap into a lot of other ad networks, and secondly, they are pretty good about filling 100% of the impressions you have, meaning that you can work with JUST them and be fine.

CPM rates (cost per thousand ad impressions) varies based on niche, but can vary anywhere from about $0.25 CPM up to $50 CPM. Expect to be towards the lower end of that spectrum. Then again, I don't know your site's niche and every category is widely different.

At an average CPM rate of $2, you'd need about 2 million ad views in order to make $4,000. On the other hand, at an average CPM rate of $10, you'd only need about 400,000 ad views.

Do a search for "Affiliate marketing" too. I have found this area to be much more lucrative than Adsense.

I don't think so Affiliate marketing is more lucrative than Adsense..

If not want adsence ads then try for buysellads.

Check Adsense, Linkworth, clicksor, chitika, buysellads and many more such companies are there from where you can place paid Banner Ads.

You can use adsense and other websites , which will help you to get paid banners to your website.
there are many other websites you can try which RH-Calvin mentioned above.

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