i run a forum has been around 1+ yrs and i receive plenty of unique visitors (4500 /mon), yet i make $9 per month. I tried everything right from CJ to many other advertising, seems nothing works for me.

How can i increase my earnings?

You really don't have enough traffic to make a killing on advertising ... yet. For now, focus more on driving to and maintaining traffic within your community. Check out our Building a Community forum for some tips.

The first thing that you want to do is try to get users to visit a couple of pages per visit. At least 5 for a good community. That would effectively give you 20,000 pageviews a month with 4,500 unique visitors.

Unfortunately, forums are very rewarding, but what they aren't (right now, at least) is very profitable. For a starting out community, expect to average just $2 or $3 CPM tops with AdSense. With everything optimized right, and a steady flow of regularly visiting forum visitors, you could probably pull off about $50 a month off of AdSense alone.

AdSense would definitely be my first try. You might also wish to try Yahoo's Publisher Network and see how that performs. Some say it's better and some say it's worse than AdSense.

However ... I think with your traffic levels, a definite primary goal is to build up your traffic more before going after ad dollars.

cscgal is right dont expect to make a fortune on a forum. Even with that much traffic as you saw for yourself. Another suggestion is maybe the ad placement on your forum now is not working. Try changing it around and see what happens. Trial and error. Moreover if you want to make more money, I am sure that if you offer advertising spots, or banner spots for a price you might get somebody who is willing to pay for that kind of exposure.


good advice, freddie. i will give a try

I here Google adsense put more expensive click thru ads on your site if you have more trafiic.

If forums are not money makers, what kinds are? Because some say blogs are the best when it comes to this. Are there any other?

I don't suggest that you depend greatly on google adsense to make a lot of money. And blogs don't neccessarily make you money. Most blogs are used to promote a business or website.
You can check out my site to see a list of "pay per click affiliate programs you can sign up for. They're all free. And there's a couple of useful articles that talks about how you can increase your website's traffic.

I don't think pay per click affiliate programs are the best revenue makers either. I mean, obviously, selling a product or service and doing ecommerce is going to have the most direct ROI associated with it. ie you spend $X to get a visitor, you make $XX when that visitor buys. You just made $XX - X money. Essentially, it's pretty low risk.

Content based sites which rely on advertising revenues are a bit harder to discover their hidden ROI. You could spend $X to get visitors to your site, and you have no idea whether they're sticking around, for how long, whether they revisit often, or just made a one time visit. Advertising money you spend today might not be noticed until next week, for example, when they come back for their third or fourth visit and start to browse the site a little bit more.

For example, with an ecommerce site, you can use Google AdWords or something to pay for visitors definitely interested in what you're selling. With a forums site, you can use Google AdWords to pay for visitors interested in what your site is about - but it's completely hit or miss whether they're a forum junkie ;) I guess that's where really good ad copy comes in! .... But even with that, you have no idea whether their personality meshes well with your community. I think there are just many more factors that come into play as opposed to => Interested in buying this product. It has a very competitive price. I'll buy it.

With a forum or blog or other content site ... you're essentially trying to convince the person why they should give up one of their most valuable assets - their time!

If forums are not money makers, what kinds are? Because some say blogs are the best when it comes to this. Are there any other?

If you just want to build sites that will make tons of money from Google ads, then you need to build sex/relationship sites (not porn), pharmecutical/drug sites, and well, look in your spam folder. All that spam about Cialis and erectile disfunction? Those are the advertisers who will pay $10/click.

The other, less sleazy option, is to go after the corporate realm. They're willing to spend bucks to promote their products, and most corporate products are at least not sleazy. For example, I do contract work for a company that spends $250/day on Google ads for Java programming. Each ad will pay $5/click. If you had a hard-core Java developer site and the ads from my company started appearing, you might make some decent cash. And that company isn't the only one. Find a cluster of deep-pocket corporations who have products that are complementary, and zero-in on that market.

(Personally, I built a relationship advice Web site called "What Do Women Want" and I have to tell you that even with big advertising dollars, it doesn't make much money. I have a very difficult time getting the ads to be correct -- very often, Google will run ads for gay men, or for shower curtains, or for things far outside the demographic. I'm sorta happy with the site, but babysitting Google has not been rewarding enough to do it again.)


You won't make a killing with 4500 uniques a month, but $9 is far below what your site should be making. Here are a few suggestions to make more money:

1. Experiment with contextual ad placement. Try different ad sizes, position, colors, etc.

2. Insert ads between posts and into thread lists.

3. Sell text links if your site has decent PR (4 or above)

4. Build an opt-in mailing list and use it to sell other products and services

5. Offer services/products related to your site and advertise them prominently on your forum.

Good luck!

Try Ebay affiliate programs placement, this has helped one of my new blog.

Very good advice about monetizing site with greater than PR 4. I sometimes think that a Freemium model may also help ton:
1. bring in people/visitors
2. make profit through up-sell

Adsence is good way to getting money. someone has really share nice tips

I have the same case with you ,I have almost 40k UV to my site,but i make not much from infolinks, adsense or other.but this time I think I found little trick to monetize that traffic and that is using hyperlinkcash.,I installed exit plugin for my high traffic visitor so that when they living my site they automatically surf my link.Hyperlinkcash pay per impression and with most traffic come from US I think you can make more then $9 per mo

With 4500 unique visitors you can make upto $20 like i used to, for this you can use services like Mylike which are much more efficient than Adsense.

it doesnt matter how much traffic u get, you should look for the interesting content which should make your visitors to stay more and more on your website, then only you will get increase in your earnings.

I think you can try cpm ads, because in forums people are ad blind and tend to click less.

I don't own any forum yet I wonder why 4500/ month visitors still pay only 9$.I don't feel its low traffic.....and even 50$ to be earned through google adsense seem to be a very little earnings.

For a forum, I don't think google adsense can make some money. Because many visitors are old users of your site, they are familiar with the layout and know what is ads.
I suggest use affiliate programs, e.g. CJ. The main problem is to find out some products or service related to your forum.

You might want to try FORUMCAST!

As a large forum publisher for nearly two decades we had the same needs - to earn more for our traffic to maintain and grow our community.

So we started a CPM display ad network just for forums called FORUMCAST.

With FORUMCAST, we plug our forum partner sites directly into RTB Exchanges so forum owners can capitalize on programmatic ad buying at scale and can tap into the largest pools of available high quality CPM display advertising on the Internet.

FORUMCAST is free to join, and non-exclusive, so forum publishers can run other ad networks at the same time if they want. In fact, we recommend doing that so you can see how much more we pay for CPM than your current ad networks.

Forum publishers on FORUMCAST can set their own floor prices for their site or for specific subforums on their site.

At the moment we are looking for large forum publishers (250k posts or more), but if you have a smaller forum in a niche topic like automotive, health & wellness, or technology we may also be interested.

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if you are earning 9$ per month dont loose your heart and you have to do the best make the seo best and proper seo then you can earn upto 9 to 900 $ per month

Have you consider programs like adf.ly where to get to a page you have to see and add?
If you implement this don't do it to all links cause the visitors will go crazy. Do instead only to important topics or from time to time.

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