I have achieved so many keyword for my website but there is no more unique visitors so anybody please suggest me that how to get more and more unique visitors on my website.

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For me, the best way to get visitors is for you to generate a good quality or unique content. Content is the king right?

I thing keyword ranking is the only thing which help you to get unique visitors from the google in a natural and organic way.

I suggest you to use social networking website to get more visitors

I agree with the social networking idea. Also, are you placing organically with a user friendly description?

You need to put out good content and use social media sites also

Do SMO for unique visitors.

I agree with the above members social networking is the best way to increase the unique visitors.

There are many different ways you can use to get traffic to your websites.

1. Paid

2. Free

3. Organic traffic from the search engines (it comes under free traffic as well)

Organic Traffic is the best way to get unique visitors.

If you are looking for targeted traffic to your website, you need to focus on your content, site navigation ( should be easy), links inserted, keywords optimized and SEO promotions done conveniently.

Hey guys you should need SEO work on your web site and there are many ways to do so and get traffic.


I think you should focus on quality content with your main keywords with in your content! if you can post one quality relevant article every week, you will get traffic to your website or blog.

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If you want to increase visitors your website then i suggest you to use social networking websites such as:- facebook, twitter, Stumble Upon, Reddit etc. And also do Forum posting, Blog Commenting, Blog Creation etc. this will help you to generate more visitors on website.

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The most guaranteed way to get unique visitors is to have good content. Having exposure on social networking sites helps too, but if the content isn't original and good they'll visit once and never come back.

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