I have just written an article on how to advertise your site for free on the internet.. If you're interested in having a look at it you can read it at http://www.appsoftheweb.com/articles/advertising_your_site_for_free.htm

Feel free to post it on your own site too if you like

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Very interesting. I'm going to go read it now ...

ok, make sure you tell me what you think of it!

Good article. I liked it. You might want to add a few links to other resources like META tag creators, online marketing tutorials, and maybe a few pictures describing how spidering works.

I might go more in-depth if I write a new article. Don't really like making changes now since there's a lot of other sites that have posted it too.

Otherwise... not a bad idea though!

Very good article.

I found it very informative.

hey looks like your site is down :(

I'm very interested in reading your article, when your site gets back online please let me know :)

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