After create web site observed that visitor is not coming. If arrange to send e-mail separatly with mentioneing site wheather it is possible to increse the visiror. If so how can possible to get e-mail address essyly.

Can any body help to get the same.

Thanks well in advance.

Well, I would say yes that do makes a difference but I'd say better not to send the mail in a manner like visit our portal and.... etc ! Send the mails like we are offering this and that services and if you require such services you can head over to our portal at blah...blah... also make sure that you have put lime light well over your portal like if someone is searching for you then all your postivite page will be shown up like your social media profile and ... etc also make sure that all your social profiles are updating regularly because visitors are more keen to click over the page that has fresh things to showcased and also in the eyes of search engine frsh content is something which always drags their attention !

sure it is. through e-mail, you can upate people on 'new features' on your site, new items in your shop, ...

a lot depends on your tone, on the speed in which you send (new) mails, on the contents of your mail and on who you send those mails to.

just randomly starting to mail people will make most people consider you a spammer. they'll block your mails, and, most likely, you'll loose visitors. work with some sort of 'registration' system, that the recipients themselves can choose whether or not to receive mails, don't send ten mails a day, keep it to a (decent enough) low number, say one each week, and don't send mails, just to send mails: make sure you have a message to bring when you do.

just add a form on your site (Do you want to stay informed, please fill in your e-mail address here).
of course, there are other ways to do so, but I wouldn't recommend them. There are companies who sell mail addresses, but that doesn't mean it's all completely legal (first problem). secondly, all you know is that those mail addresses (did) exist, you have no idea whether they are read. for those who do still read those addresses, chances are big they'll consider you to be a spammer (which you would be, since you send unsollicited mail in bulk) and others see those mails popup in a mailbox they would rather not have it. a lot of people have a separate mailbox just for mails like that.
Let them decide whether or not to receive mails, much safer that way, and having them fill in their email address, still is the easiest way to get to mail addresses you know you won't get into trouble with.

Yess... It’s easy and it’s simple. Anyone can do it anytime. You can test multiple messages, keep proper track of users via analytics... checking bounce messages, un-subscribers, click-throughs, etc... You can also personalize your messages by greeting a person personally or by segmenting your database to smaller groups & improve your responses...

Yes, you can increase the visistors to a website in such manner. You can select a certain number of e-mail addresses and specifically you can send mails to those e-mails only.

Yeah! Email marketing is one of the traditional online marketing techniques used for obtaining direct traffic and lead. However, don't do over promotion, because it may ruin your website's quality and reputation.

Yes this may be nice technique but content in the email must be attractive that can bring the emails readers to your websites.

Yes, Sure we can generate traffic by sending emails. But we need to make sure we're sending emails to the targeted audience. Also everytime email shouldn't be promotional, it should be information post.

Email marketing should be done in a phase, and should considers buyers mindset. Not all your email subscribers are ready to make a deal/ or to buy your products. So plan it strategically.

To attract more visitors via email you need to notice that the email itself will be not enough. Only a really good ones and cachy might bring new visitors to your website and still my experience shows that it is not the best way.

Email Marketing for Interested person may help to derive a traffic. but if you spent a huge no of emails it may lead that spam.

i won't care to read spam, instead of deleting.

so better try to find the interested person for your website and send them email.

Yeah! Email marketing is one of the effective techniques for obtaining direct traffic and lead. But, before going for this process, it will be recommended to find the exact audience to make this process worthwhile.

It is, of course. However, the practise shows that that the message you actually send has to be very dressed. It will be not enough to send a usual email - so as to increase your visitors you will have to think wisely about your call to action button, images you will use, catchy subject line and etc. If you have never tried email marketing before, I would strongly suggest consulting a professional so as to not work for nothing and get no results.

You should create something that will have some value to the people you want to send emails to. Something like an e-book. That also means that you need to target people from a specific niche or demographic group, all depending on what your niche is about. If this is valuable to them, they'll be happy to sign up and give their email address for an e-book.