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I met Dan Zarella at an event earlier this year and he is an engaging person who is trying to stake out a place for a person who calls themselves a social media scientist.

While I do not doubt the sincerity of Dan and I believe that what he does is valuable, my fear is that the two titles you mention will be bastardized into meaningless titles to make people seem more important.

For example, the garbage man became a sanitation worker (makes sense and sounds better) which became an enviromental engineer. Not for nothing but the 'environmental engineers' who collect in my neighborhood do not appear to have the combined brain power to light a 5 watt light bulb.

Another example I remember was an HR director who had been given the title of Director of Corporate Joy! As for any title that ends in Guru, I am dubious as many of the so-called 'gurus' I have met and worked with have not been worth one cent of what they have been paid.


I just read this blog and it makes total sense.


I personally prefer to be a social media scientist since I can link success of a social media campaign with real metrics and some type of metrics. What do you think?

Personally I find social media spam, filled with spammers and don't really know much about marketing. Spammers, all spammers looking for the easy way, spammers. buncha' spammers, however clever, still spam in my books.


I totally agree with you Marketing Rob. I have also been at events where everyone there is a social media "guru" or "visionary" and I felt I was the only non-Guru in the room.

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