I submitted my site about four months ago to google and still it has not been published. Although in the google webmaster it says it has been verified. Does verified not mean published? I have made my site as search engine friendly as I could, optimisation, reciprocal links, good content, site map.

when I search for my site on google without the .com, it isn´t found, only can I find it when I put the name with .com. I´m not sure if it´s been published or not. I use traffic blazer and it says it has not been published in google or yahoo (free listing). Should I keep resubmitting?
is this delay normal?

you might want to try submitting a sitemap in google analytics

you might not be able to find it with just your name if that word is not one of them that is indexed from your page

take a look at google analytics and it will show you whats going on with it

You say you can find your site when you do a Google search including the '.com'? If you can find your site at all, that means that Google knows about it. It just doesn't think it's worthy enough of being highly ranked in the results.

Create lots of good content and get other sites to link to your content ... submit your site into directories, link to your site with forum signatures and post on various forums, etc.

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