We have recently launched a new website and hired one SEO company already. They are doing all SEO stuffs like Blog posting, Guest posting, blog comments, forum submission, directory listing, etc. to promote our website. I know little bit about SEO and love to read SEO articles at free time. I was thinking is it worth to submit our website in free backlink generator website(s) like <deleted> or others? Please comment on this.

This is not a good idea, bad SEO. I've tried such tools but they create backlinks from the sites of general purpose such as Alexa, Whois.net etc. that gives you information about your domain.
Instead of these, you should create quality content and ue other link building methods such as guest posting, press releases, social media, forums etc.

Hi Deepanshu_1,

Thanks for your reply. But as I already said we have hired a SEO company and they are doing all SEO stuffs like Guest posting, blogging, writting, etc. The reason I was asking may be those auto backlink generator sites may push our site a little higher in everything? Can you please be specific why it's bad SEO? I am waiting for your helpful feedback!

No. You shouldn't submit your website to any free backlink generator website. If you do so, your website will get penalized.

But why you want free backlinks (without doing anything) to your website. Never try to build any helps which can harm your website.

Hi danielmav, thanks for your suggestion. But we have already submitted our website in bulklink.org! However, we didn't choose any backlink options. So don't think our website will be penalized by Google or other search engines. We choose all options under Search Engine and Ping (to submit our website in all possible search engines and ping rss feed sites) but avoided using backlink function. Let's see what happens next!

if you want to spam your websit by gaining lots of spammy and unworthy back links from bot or tool.

Then you can go ahead.

Never think about the serp improvement by using bots or tools. just pray to do not penealize your site n Google Search Engine.

I wouldn't take a risk with it. Firstly yes, your brand/ website's identity might become called a spammer and you never know when Google will release another update caching those fake unnatural links. If they find this out - you will be banned and it will require much more efforts than generating those fake backlinks. So better be safe and do everything on how the search engine requires.

Okay. I got your points advent_geek and Vincentas. As I already said I didn't choose backlink option but only used Search Engine and Ping options. I don't think my website will be penalized. However, I have heard there are many black hat SEO guys who are constantly ranking keywords with their black methods and the keywords are on the top of Google for many days (several months or a year!). Just wondering how do they do that? They use several methods/tools I guess..

@PhilipsEl any guess about their methodology???

just think about that?

may be they were experience one but they won't guarentiee to rank future. may be there will be future update which is ready to challenge those guys.

@advent_geek thanks for your reply but you are saying too many "may be". The fact is some black hat guys guarantee to place any keywords on the top 3 position within few days/weeks but I beleive no SEO (including White, Black, Grey) can guarantee to rank future unless the company seeks to take ongoing assistance from them!

Yes, I would also suggest avoiding Blackhat SEO - this is a great risk and you risk your whole business and whole work you did since now. If you will be that lucky one - that's fine, but always consider a possibilyty to be noticed by Google and you will totally get into last search engine pages, which will require you much more effort to get back into place where you've been before. Cheers

Look at link profiles of competing sites that are ranking well, only then can you understand what is working for ranking, with current google algo. They may have disavow some links, in webmaster tools, but if you run the link profile through MOZ authority check or Majestic trust flow, you should be able to see the strongest links, export to .csv and sort by authority. Focus on these first and work your way down the list.

Try not to build any such links which will not add any value to your website. Simply don't build links just to improve your link count. Anyway this is not going to help you.

No real value for these tool and may even harm your domain

@Vincentas I am not sure if it's black hat to be very honest. Suppose you are going to submit your website link manually in search engines then what's wrong if I submit my website in different search engines with just one click? How is that black hat?

@SEOPremo I believe our SEO guys are already doing that. @hmmricha and @Kevin_18 thanks for your suggestions.

Yes it is good, but just for indexing purpose. Such as if you bought a new domain and want to get it indexed quickly.