Hi Everyone! I need a really techie answer to this one. I have been practically shut out of my account on Google+ (I can still post but I cannot access my settings) and I cannot get into one of my blogs, simply because I won't furnish Google with a secondeary phone number in the form of a cell phone (I don't have one! I am one of those few people in the world, yes) I spent a good part of the evening last night trying to find a way to get in but to no avail. I left a message at their forum but have not received any help.
Does anybody here knows how to get around this?

Thank you so much!

Use some of your friend's phone number and once you login, remove the number. Numbers they are asking is mainly for security purpose. you can switch to even authenticator app or for SMS service as well but as you don't have it. Use any other preson's phone, verify it and then disable notification.

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