Now the Pinterest — the virtual pinboard has introduced Place Pins.

Place Pins? What is it?

Actually like the other pins Place pins are same except they have places attached to them. A new mapping tool has been intoduced by the Pintrest to help you put places city or the location to the pin. This means to help you oout in planning the places you'll go and the things you'll do once you get there. You can add a map to an existing board, or create a new board for your interactive map, and start pinning photos.

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Hey Kelly thanks for your suggestion.

hey! Simit I belive that this post woulds get more response but it still lack the quality discussion. ANyway thanks for the reponse by you!

Pinterest is the best place to post your pins and create your bord .

Nice post. Thank for share this.

Ofcourse , it is one of great social media optimizations.

nice post

ya it is one of the most great social media suggestion

Well done kellyperry thats really a nice post.thanks

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