My funny pictures website has an advertising system that is basic. I want to improve it to attract more advertisers.

Currently you only need a 728px by 90px a image, a link and your bid. The higher the bid the faster the results and the cost is obviously higher.

It's very simple. I don't get a lot of hits now, but when I do I want to be ready. Can you help me come up with great ideas for advertisers?

Here is what I came up with ...

  1. Make ads like PTC websites where users earn for clicks.
  2. People can review websites that are advertising, so that the advertiser gets feedback for his website.

Do you have any other ideas?

Are you using any third party software to manage the bidding process? Are advertiser bidding on CPMs or CPCs?

Do you make the process easy for new advertisers to set up a campaign on their own? Or do they have to each contact you and is it a manual process? (Note: instant gratification rocks).

Avoid things that can be seen as buying and selling links because that could get you in trouble with Google in the future.

Hi Dani,

To answer your questions, I am not using any third party software to manage the bidding. The ads are CPM based. And yes it is easy to create an ad campaign, in fact it's very easy. And no I am not selling links.

Because there are no targeting, I am worried that my advertising system is not good enough for advertisers. And I am not sure who should I target as an advertiser. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


My advertising system allow my users to earn from their uploads, this is why I built it myself. But I am still facing problems with targeting. I just hope that one day people will start to buy ad credit.

The best steps to improve advertising system are following.
a) Create very specific ad groups
b) Choose your keywords carefully
c) Include keywords in your ad text
d) Create simple, enticing ads
e) Use a strong call-to-action
f) Test out multiple ads
g) Regularly review your campaign performance