How you can use Facebook ads for drive traffic to ecommerce small business site?

digitalstalk commented: in fb adds,we can target page audience,and their friends etc...and its cheap ,by using branding awareness,lead generation,reach option ... +0

Facebook ads are better than PCP ads because it offers a great feature where you can target audience as per their interest. First it starts with you goal as there are many types of ad formats are available by facebook. Once you agreed on a format, go for A/B test.

Facebook ads are so benefical for our website as compared to the other advetisement medias. It generates huge numbers of traffic to your website. Facebook offers differents plans for advertisments, you can choose any plan according to your budget.

How about instargram?

I recommend using a combination of Instagram and Facebook. I have seen people who first created their visual and unique content on Instagram with appropriate hashtags, and then share it to Facebook, and then you run ad for that post.

Make sure you know who your target audience is.

Can you create videos? Those are the most effective ones!

Make a video, upload it and fill in all the other ad stuff. Then do things over time that improve your ROI.

No guts, no glory.

You can use facebook ads to bulild brand presence across the world at is best optimisation and targetting level. Targeted ads are allowed in Google Adwords as well but you should have specific location and budget for the advertising.

Facebook Ads are great way for promoteb your business. It gives more traffic

Facebook ad is best way compared with other media ads. Its drive more traffic to your website & easily create brand awareness.

Make a page of your service or product in your facebook profile and design adds for it. Post some content on the timeline and change the content periodically. Designing adds for your product will help you in generating traffic and it will also improve the leads on your website.

Facebook ads are easily reached more people at a time. We get the result quickly. It helps generate the traffic quickly.

In order to maximize faceboos ads you really have to know your target, to do so create some buyer personas of your clients, with all the aspects involved in a buyer persona canva. Therefore target and specify in each buyer persona with a different array of campaings focused on those buyers, testing out and optimizing for each kind.

Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform by everyone nowadays, so it is the best way to publish ads.

First make one business page in your facebook account. Analyse your targeted audience needs and run facebook ads. It will driven more traffice to your ecommerce small business site

Facebook ads are helps build brand awareness world widely. This is the easiest way to reached your targeted audience and received more traffic.

The best ways to use facebook ads to for small business are following.
a) post with internet
b) Try to blend in
c) Don’t post without a content calendar
d) Optimize your profile page
e) Create a Facebook group

It's better to use Instagram

it depend of what type of business you run, if it's sneakers store , targeting younger audience , i'd reccomend to use instagram more often.
So basically if your targeting audience is 40+ use facebook, if its more 30- then use Inst

yes ..facebook is very essential for small business

  1. target local audience
  2. nearby location
  3. make an offer
  4. attractive image and title
  5. schedule post according to local timing when people mostly active on social media

Facebook Ads Plan

  1. First analyze what you want to post.
  2. Make your post should have information and looks attractive with your words.
  3. Without content the post may look dull. Add content always to your post.
  4. Optimize tabs this acts as a navigation bar for your business page.
  5. Set up a community page
  6. Create a group
  7. Keep a thoughful group name
  8. Always update your story
  9. Plan with small budget which is convinience for you.

I have found the following to be most effective:
Use images that get attention - text alone isn't worth your time, and an image that folks don't recognize won't cut it
Tweak and track - critical - do not fire and forget. Unfortunately, one of the best tracking reports that would break down engagement by demo, is no longer available! Tragic.
Engagement on FB is cheaper than off - if you tie your ad to getting users to like your fan page, you're likely to see higher engagement at a lower CPC - it's just so easy to click "Like"
Experiment with your budget - my FB ad rep suggested this and, low and behold, with an increased budget we saw increased "performance" - lower CPC, and greater engagement. (We've got a few theories on this. The dominant one is that you need a large enough budget, probably in the hundreds of dollars a day or higher, in order to get participation in the auction / marketplace)

FB ads are better option compared to other options. here you can target the audience and Area. most importantly fb ads are cheaper compared to other Social media platform ads.

Not only e-commerce business site facebook ads will help to generate more traffic to all types of business websites. Because....

                        1.You can target your exact audience
                        2.You can create Ads catering to your specific business
                        3.You will reach more peoples exactly what you targeted
                        4.You can get a clear analytical report for your Ad

To do so, Create a business page. If you want to have a solid and professional Facebook presence, you need to create a separate page for your business – your personal Facebook profile won't cut it

Post regularly

Promote your page

Engage your followers

Leverage friends of fans

Try Facebook ads

  1. Post with intent.
  2. Try to blend in.
  3. Don’t post without a content calendar.
  4. Optimize your profile page.
  5. Establish a community page.
  6. Create a Facebook group.
  7. Be strategic about your group name.
  8. Keep adding to your Facebook story.
  9. Don’t obsess over vanity metrics.
  10. Use Facebook for customer service.
  11. Post with a (small) budget.
  12. Narrow your audience.
  13. Consider boosted posts.
  14. Use Facebook’s product catalog ads.

Facebook Ad is the best way to promote your business in Large Scale in Internet Market. Facebook is the best platform where you can sell your product and service. Facebook Ad is a cost-effective way to promote your products and Services.

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