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Facebook ads are better than PCP ads because it offers a great feature where you can target audience as per their interest. First it starts with you goal as there are many types of ad formats are available by facebook. Once you agreed on a format, go for A/B test.


Facebook ads are so benefical for our website as compared to the other advetisement medias. It generates huge numbers of traffic to your website. Facebook offers differents plans for advertisments, you can choose any plan according to your budget.


I recommend using a combination of Instagram and Facebook. I have seen people who first created their visual and unique content on Instagram with appropriate hashtags, and then share it to Facebook, and then you run ad for that post.

Make sure you know who your target audience is.


Can you create videos? Those are the most effective ones!

Make a video, upload it and fill in all the other ad stuff. Then do things over time that improve your ROI.

No guts, no glory.


You can use facebook ads to bulild brand presence across the world at is best optimisation and targetting level. Targeted ads are allowed in Google Adwords as well but you should have specific location and budget for the advertising.

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