Please advice me how fastly getting traffic for my website

what's your website? please mention it first.

My website related Classifieds Ads.

Write fresh and descriptive content for each pages. Clear your on page optimization. Add long tail keyword as well as competitive keyword in your meta title, description and keyword tag. Place it on content also.
avoid of keyword density.
Generate high PR Do follow quality backlinks from off page optimization method.

Check other websites strategy related to classifieds, what they are doing, where from they are getting backlinks. Then set your strategy. I guess that's the best way to strat.

Link building
unique and quality content
These are the techniques are used to increase the traffic to your site.

Do SMO/SEO, this will help you to get instant traffic to your site and remain in touch with followers.

If you want to increase traffic on your site . Then you have need to submmit your url in high page rank , do better smo and create more community for the involment .

Here are 3 easy but effective ways to get more traffic to your classified website-

No#1. Hire some advertisers: Content is the key element of the search engine marketing! You may go for paid advertising campaigns in order to get more traffic to your classified site but once your budget end, your traffic flow will stop too.

Search engine loves content so, if you submit more content (ads) on your classified site then, you will get more traffic from search engines.

In order to get more quality submissions, hire some advertiser who will submit suitable ads on your site.

No#2. Work with keywords: Once you're able to make your keywords appear within the first page of search results, you will get lots of quality visitors to your site.

If you're not an SEO expert then, hire a good SEO company. It is a one time investment but, you will receive traffic for a long time.

No#3. Advertise your site/business on other classified sites: You can run your business ads on other top classified sites to get more targeted visitors. This process will increase your site ranking too.

Content is the main thing which helps your website to be fresh and which google to crawl easily into your website. The other if you are service provider maintain your fanpage in social media sites and finally avail for some through PPC which helps to bring the relevant traffic to your site.

ther are many ways to get huge traffic like doing seo , link building, even put a widget in your website like a live chat, what i did in my site i put chatwing live chat it helps a lot because they have feature in network link in there chatroom

Fast and instent way of getting taffic is social Media. facebook, twitter, linkdin, google+.

Well, tell you what there is no shorcuts in getting to your destiny ! Put on all the efforts you have and wait for the traffic to show up ! The best way to do is concentrate over the link building ! make sure you don't spam in the rush to build links, you can also take the help from social media inorder to surge traffic from the social media network, try sharing your blogpost over the social media and lastly but not the least concentrate over the yahoo answers, and Q/A site it is enough to help you out with the .... :)

Thanks Kelly, I will wait for Ranking my Classified Kwyword.

Share your website in social media like facebook, twitter, linkdin, google+ etc.update fresh content for each pages. Clear your on page optimization. Add long tail keyword as well as competitive keyword in your meta title, description and keyword tag. Place it on content also.

Hi. Social medias play major roles in driving traffic to a particular website.. Make profile. try to introduce your website to your colleagues Interact with your target market and be sociable. There's no easy way to drive traffic to your website. Patience is a must. Goodluck! :)

Post attractive images and offer for your ad's with the higher page rank websites. It will easily catch the eye's of the user with their needs. So that, traffic to your website is greatly increased.

To gain traffic to your website,

Link Building
Quality and unique content

there are many ways to get traffic to website following mathod can be increase your website traffic

Get Social
Write Irresistible Headlines
Target Long-Tail Keywords
Start Guest Blogging
Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site
Go After Referral Traffic
Post Content to LinkedIn
Implement Schema Microdata
Link Internally
Don’t Neglect Email Marketing
Make Sure Your Site is Responsive
Make Sure Your Site is Fast
Make Yourself Heard in Comment Sections
Get Active on Social Media


There are different types of techniques where to gain the traffic to your website.
Forum commenting
Blog commenting
get social
use googleadwords
Link buliding

Social media is the best way to get more traffic to derive your site.

You need to constantly update content with the best experiment and share across the social media network. And also to keep with current SEO marketing trends.

Back links are very important for generating the good audience. Many sites can prove helpful for you to generate good audience. You can post on different SEO related forums and writing, blogging related forums. You can also post on social sites. Best method into right guest posts on different sites .it the best way to promote site and generate good audience. Besides all this first focus on your content. Write good content by self or with the help of some content generating sites like

Quality Content
Image Optimization
Good PA/DA

get social
Link Building
Blog commenting