SEO is an important part of digital marketing. With the help of SEO, you can rank your websites on search engine result page and it helps in the ranking of your website

Basically, there are 2 types of SEO

ON page SEO
OFF page SEO

SEO is a Methodology of using strategies and techniques used to increase the website traffic and to get higher ranking in Search engine results page.
uses of SEO:

  1. SEO helps to people find your website in Online
    2.SEO Builds Trust and Credebility
    3.SEO builds your Brand
  2. through SEO you can get traffic etc..

SEO is a repackaging of several marketing and site development best practices that have the additional bonus of helping your website appear higher on search engine results. That’s because Google and the other search engines are basically rewarding you for doing what you should be doing anyway to promote your company: creating relevant content, making your site easy to use and fast to load and so on are all for the benefit of the users of your website, not Google. You do these things because you own a business that uses a website as part of its marketing mix to reach its target audience.

SEO As part of any digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is integral to driving customers to your business via online platforms. Effective marketing demands it.

Website design enhancement (Search motor improvement) is the way toward making a site page simple to discover, simple to creep, and simple to sort. It is tied in with helping your clients discover your business from among thousand different organizations. Website design enhancement is a necessary piece of any advanced advertising system.

SEO is the process of Optimizing your site to get higher ranking in search engine results page.
uses of seo:

  1. Seo helps to increase your organic trffic
  2. seo builds trust and credibility
  3. seo builds your brand
  4. seo is cost effective etc...

Digital marketing is a type of marketing strategy that mainly uses the internet to communicate brands to consumers. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the top tactics used when employing this strategy. 1.On-page Optimization. This is a technique used to increase visibility and user traffic.

Without SEO it is difficult to achieve success in online business

Seo plays an important role in digital marketing. Seo improves the google ranking if google ranking will not improve how will shown your serp stats.