Hi guys,

I've been too busy in the last year with my business and couldn't have much to contribute.
Planning to start my own mobile marketing company and stopped by ProTexting white label solution. I will use it for my own needs and sell to other businesses as well. I know it's the future with the increasing number of mobile phone users and applications over the globe.
What I write is about your opinion - do you guys already using such a services, plan to use in the near future etc.
Also what do you think in general about this form of text and rich media marketing. I really appreciate your opinion.

Take care

As a general rule, be careful with white label solutions because you're not able to offer visitors/clients anything more special than anyone else also using the same white label solution. Nowadays, being successful is all about being creative and unique and being able to offer something even just slightly different that no one can get anywhere else.

Here's how I see it ... while I am most certainly NOT a fan of text spam (ewwww), I can see the benefits for people who specifically opt in to receive notifications. For example, I receive a text message from my bank if my account gets accidentally overdrawn or if there is a fraud alert on my credit card. I appreciate that.

When using a solution such as this, ask yourself the following questions: Firstly, what is the cost associated with sending each text, and is it actually cheaper in the long run to send texts through your own servers? Secondly, who owns the list of phone numbers for all of your customers? Can ProTexting resell your list? Can ProTexting spam your list without your consent? Can you take your list somewhere else should you decide to stop using ProTexting and move onto a different solution instead??

Good luck!

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