Hi, i am looking for new techniqus of ASO in 2020. Did you know? please recommended me.

ASO, Also called app store optimization. It is a technique used to rank your app in popular appstore like Google play stote, Apple store.
The algorithm of app store simple works on the number of reviews, rating and downloads. So, There is no any option to increse its ranking. We should try to increase all the above mentioned parameters to rank high in App store. I am telling some steps to increase above attributes:

  1. Write proper title and description of your app before submitting it on any app store.
  2. Make a landing page for your app and share it on social media also you can promote it on google paid advertising. Interested people visit your web page and you can easily ask them to doenload your app.
  3. Ask all members who uses your app to review and rate it. It help you to increse review counts.
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