Are the social media the best way to promote a new website? Is there any other way?

since websites have been promoted long before social media existed, of course it is possible.

But to provide with decent information on the "what and how", it would require more information on the site you are trying to advertise.

just a few examples:

if you go to metalfestivals, you'll immediately spot flyers being passed out to visitors promoting beginning bands, other festivals, e-stores, ... with links to their websites.
it is easy to have some advertisement, by putting an ad out.
word to mouth is an efficient way to spread news as well.
also important to consider, is it a personal page, or are we talking about a professional site, that's supposed to produce an income of some sorts? if it is the latter, you might want to consider to spend some money on the promotion of it.

if you are on fora that deal with material connected to your site (if your site is about programming, you can take daniweb as an example), it's easy to just put a link in your signature.

working with SEO is also a good way: have google put your site as one of the first results of a search to related material, should bring some more visitors as well.

But, in the age of social media, why not use social media ? creating a page on facebook doesn't cost you a penny, yet it can introduce your site to millions.

anyway you want to do it: check your target, who is the site meant for, what is the sites purpose, ... and make sure you spread the news among those you want to visit. be careful how you do it, though, and think it through first: people are offered tons of sites nowadays, and there 'll always be an alternative to what you offer. so both on the contents of your page and in the way you introduce it to the world: don't be pushy, and don't be sloppy.
sending to much ads, and people will consider you a spammer, and won't trust your site. if it doesn't contain the information they expect it to, or if you don't update your page on a regular basis, with new and correct information (not just a copy paste from another page), lots of people 'll prefer the original source.

Article, blogging, forum posting and offcourse social media help u boost the business.

Social media, and focusing on having good, clean HTML 5 code that utilizes all the best SEO practices.

Giving free ebook and doing video about your business can somehow help people know about your website.

I think writing only best qulity of original content is the perfect way of promoting website.

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The best way I think you can do to promote is holding yourself onto the power of social media, by mixing it up with some freebies and of course some content to, if you make a mixture of then you are going to get a solution which is enough to attract users around.

Having other people put a weblink to your website on their website is a great way to get free website promotion. Besides the obvious advantage of whoever visits that website seeing a mention to your website, you also get a shot at a better online look for results positioning for your web page as google such as Google use back hyperlinks as an important part of the formula that determines a page's rank.

Be aware though that getting back hyperlinks to your website is not a numbers game; it's the high quality of the hyperlinks that really matters. So you want to focus your reciprocal linking efforts on appropriate high quality hyperlinks. The standard procedure is to look for for and identify appropriate sites that you would like to have weblink to yours and then send each webmaster an email requesting a weblink on their website, offering a weblink on your website in return.

You must go with adverting by the following ways
1. PPC
2. Classified ad posting
3. Business Listing
And Social Media Marketing

These are very effective ways.

Well, @stultuske Nope I don't think that's a better option because problem with PPC is by the time you ends up your cash no one is looking at you !

Kelly: I wasn't offering it as a solution. I was merely replying to the previous post, in which the OP was asking what PPC stands for.

@stultuske, so sorry I though of something different, I would say the better option would be quoting their names in the reply as this would give a more clean idea about what you are doing out there !

@stultuske: Well, you did say that PPC (i didn't know what the initials meant thanks for that) is one the best ways to promote a website. Kelly: I agree with you that when your cash are through then no one sees you. I saw on Freelancer that there are people that with a fee they can promote your website. Is it true or is it a hoax?

@Simonloa: no, I did not.

my post : 'Pay Per Click' was nothing more but a reply to this post: 'ppc?' from you.

I did not state that it was a good way, nor that I would recommend it, I just translated the acronym to it's full form.

Orion_3 is the one that said you should use ppc.

@simonloa that's true there are some freelance people says that they will promote your site by paying them a little amount, but I would say they will do all the same thing which you can do on your own they will create fb pages to promote you, they will link your page with some other (I don't know but I don't actually trust with then) I'd say don't take help from them on this one rather than you create a fb,G+, Twitter,Linkedin,stumble etc. and try giving away some freebies run some contest you will automatically start generating attention. But be sure that you keep your social profile updated regularly with tweaks and tricks, I would say sometimes it would be much better if you just share some useful information over your pages rather than promoting yourself, it's a good way to build brand reputation.

@stultuske you are right sorry. I didnt see who replied. Thanks @Kelly you 've been very helpful. I did created FB,Twitter, Google+ pages and apps on FB and Goog le. By frebbies you mean promotive contests, like giving and ipad? is our website. Maybe you can purpose something after you visit us? Thanks in advance...

@SimonIoa I didn't mean to to say that you should give away ipads and all if you are low on budget, I'd say try giving out Tshirts which has you website logo, try gving out coffee mug with again your logo printed upon as in this way the winner of the contest will act as an promotionl material for you, let me tell you a little secret like if I have seen someone wearing a tshirt printed some company name or ... what I do is atleast I give them a visit and throwing out tshirts and coffee mugs and all isn't that much costly. And yes do make sure that you set way more high standard for one to pass through ! All the best ! :D

Update: I have been over to your site and I think it needs a finishing touch, you should start working over the design and all, I am sorry but it looks werid to me. :(

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try Google Adwords, Guest Blog Post, SMM (such us facebook promotions) and ppc