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i am affiliate marketer and wordling with different companies for promotion can you tell me what social media channel is best for barnding and marketing ,

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Surely if you do this stuff for a living you would already know this? Do your paying clients know that you don't know this?

dear thanks for reply
i am not 100% aware about it, may be any body as know about it more then me , if you have knowledge please share to me and others ,

My opinion, Facebook and twitter are the best social media for promotion of any kind of business, product and brand

Facebook does really well with affiliate stuff. AdWords is harder because of all their rules and limitations directly aimed against affiliate ads.

There is nothing like best social media channel for marketing. Whichever channel gives you more benefits, is best for your business. However, you can start with facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin.

facebook and Twitter are the best for social media marketing . :)

Hi, Your opinion is perfectly good and correct.
I suggest add some more channels. These are twitter,instagram,Linkedln,pinterest,Youtube and yelp.
Thanks with Regards,

facebook is the current trending social website

Currently I'm working on Facebook for both content and advertising. That's really a useful channel for both branding and selling products. Beside FB, I'm also running Instagram ads (that is connected with FB ads). They help me alot.

I think Facebook and twitter is the best social media platform to advertise your business,product or services.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Behance
  • Pinterest
  • Quikr, gumtree and other classifieds sites
  • Buffer

and many more..

Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are best to get leads

Fasebook,Linkedin,Twitter and Pinterest are best social media for marketing.

There isn't anything much like most useful interpersonal media marketing station on your promotion. Whichever station provides you greater advantages, but will be perfect for the industry. But, you're able to begin with face-book, Insta-gram, twitter, linked-in.

Instagram and Pinterest are best of all....

Facebook, Twitter, Google-Plus, Instagram and LinkedIn are a best social media for digital marketing.

Which social media channel is the best for your business or campaigns depends on a lot af factors, but ask yourself questions like:

  • What are my social media strategy objectives?
  • What channels are my target audience using?
  • What channels are my competitors using?
  • What kind of content do I want to create?
  • How many channels can I manage?
  • etcetera

If you did your reseacrh and know the answers to your questions, then you know which social media channel(s) fits your purpose the best, because for one thing it might be Facebook and for another LinkedIn.

In my opinion Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin will work better for you branding and marketing.

It depends on the type of business and strategies you are implementing anyways. In my view, Instagram, linkedin and facebook are the widely spreaded social media platforms.

Where do you get the most qualified leads? That’s the answer to your question.

Social media is a dynamic channel consisting of numerous platforms that any excited marketer would want to dive in, head first. But, not all distribution channels are created equal. And no business is the same—what works for Company A, might not work for Company B. So, where do you start?

Research. Do more research outside of Quora. My answer along with the rest of the answers to your question serve as supplements to your research. But try to look for reliable marketing blogs with channel and marketing topics.

Understand how social media efforts support your goals. Social media channels bring you closer to your target audience and facilitates the beginning of the customer journey. It’s important to plan ahead and align your plans with your goals.

Alright, so here are two of the social media channels you might want to look into.
That it Linkedin and Twitter.

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