I have been using Instagram automation for over 2 years now and I have a very ood personal exerince with it. I am a business woman and I needed to mainatin a good and powerful Instagram acccount but I did not have the time to devoet to managing an accout that's why I chose to automate all my Instgaram activities and lean on Instazood automation tool to manage my account and automated all its inetaractions and posting and sending DMs.
I wonder why people think such servies are bad. I believe there are some spmmy ones but there are also very useful ones like the one I use. So why would people hate such tools? What are your experiences?

To me this is a dumb idea. At first it may work but as more install this, AIGrow and alternatives the system is just one of bots and few real people.

The economy of the system falls as there are fewer and fewer posts and follows by people. I won't call it hate, but foolish.