iight, cool, got you

Ok, i really want this crack you are smoking O.o.

vBulletin 3's code is bloated? How? Every little feature can be turned off, the board can function like a stock phpbb with LESS load.

Not Cross Browser Freindly? vBulletin 3's standard install works on, IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, most KHTML Browsers including Safari, and even TEXT browsers like linx or linx2, and yes, this is from personal expirence, and ontop of that they look just fine too.

Now talking about vBulletin 2's coding, sure i would be somewhat more included to agree with you as most of the coding is done java styled which is very confusing, but NOT, NOT NOT vBulletin3's/

You accuse me of smoking crack then agree with me in the end.

Haven't looked at vbull3 because I was so disgusted at vbull2. So in that respect I should reserve judgement until I have examined the code. Hell I didn't even know they made it to 3. I still have problems with vbull in opera and firefox .10.1 at 800 X 600 (even this forum) and most of the normal viewing audiance is still at 800 X 600 THE LAST TIME I SAW A STAT. Maybe they are up to statistics 3.0 now and I'm off target again.

Anyway it goes I know the crack thing was a joke but I didn't like it and I can see that any input I try to have over here is not appreciated so I won't be posting any more at a place where the administrator seems to be the only friendly person.

I may never find this thread again but if I do... I was wondering if any of y'all have found a way to convert Dragonfly to Vboard? It's not far from PHPBB but is much more MYSQL driven. It really saps the resources. An old (ex) employee talked me into it but, I think it was a bad move with the type of board I run. The dark side is the massive amount of information and pic libraries I can't afford to lose. I'm also worried about cached pages in search engines. Would I have to start all over? I tried to get their VBoard guru to write a conversion but he never responded to me.

I upgraded from phpbb 2.0.22 to vbulletin 3.6.8, everything is ok, except the nubmer of posts in the index...

Last post = 0
Threads = 0
Posts = 0

but the posts exist inside the forum...
somebody tell me how to fix that...

I need to convert my phpbb 2.0.22 into a VBulletin board.
I need to save topics like this:
my forum is a tourist forum and I cannot losing pics attached!!!

Do you know if IMPEX can convert attachments of "Attachments mod"?
Do you know a forum that hava convert a phpbb forum with attachments?

Wow 3 years after this thread I get an e-mail saying there is a reply!

Your best bet is going to Vbull support for help with this.

My whole life, focus, attitude, software taste has changed in 3 years... I'll have to poke around here and see how things are. :)

I realize this post is old enough, so no one would probably see it, or consider it as a spam, but anyway I recently migrated my forum from phpbb to vbulletin with automated migration service CMS2CMS And I want to share my experience with you. For me, it took like 1 hour instead of 15 minutes stated by developers, to set up and migrate my forum.

But anyway my forum posts, comments, users, attachments and polls were imported precisely.

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