A few days ago, Google released the new look for AdSense public service ads. I just noticed today, however, that every single page is suddenly ONLY showing these?? No more content ads on any page of the site out of no where? Can anyone confirm?

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I have just noticed that PSAs are being shown throughout the web. It seems just about all AdSense ads aren't showing.

As an update, everything went back to normal about 2 hours ago.

It happened to me too, but as an update - it works great now and today I got another Google check that was worth it wild to invest in my hardware to improve site performance!

I'm sorry for taking a whole month to respond. I didn't realize you had posted. But that's great :) Was that around the same time you merged your two sites? What hardware specs does vBulletin.nl run on now may I ask?

Hi everyone

I'm new to Google Adsense and just put them up on my website << url snipped to comply with forum policy >>

My site allows you to make an online list of movie, game and music titles that you own so that your friends can see your online list and borrow easily. It's supposed to be an alternative to downloading free movies, free films, illegally downloading mp3 music etc

Anyway, the Adsense ad has been up for 2 days now, it's now the 3rd day... how come all I see is Public Service Ads?

Apparently you don't get paid when people click on PSAs but in my google reports, i am actually getting a couple of dollars...

Look forward to your reply!

Regards, K

If all you are seeing are PSAs but you are getting a couple of dollars, odds are that other people are seeing real ads and clicking on them :) It can take up to a couple of hours for AdSense to spider a new site. After that, as pages are created, they are spidered fairly quickly. If not, you'll usually see ads that are broad matched to your entire site.

CBprosense is a good adsense alternative to explore. It was developed by me and works much like adsense (content targeting wise).

It delivers an rss feed of commission paying ClickBank products (up to 75% per sale) to your pages and you have much greater control over the appearance and size/content of the ads.

The program's page address is:
<< url snipped - no self-promotion allowed in this forum >>

Check it out, i would love to hear some feedback and answer any questions.

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