Does anyone have any ideas that worked for them in making a site sticky? By that I mean very good at producing repeat traffic - and drawing first time visitors constantly back. Forums are of course a good way of doing this. We need to go back to see if there are responses to our questions, after all. But any other suggestions?

If you do some sort of daily or weekly tip or trick for windows or IE or just computer optimization and customization. People will find one they like, and think oh im bored i should go check (insert website here) to see if they have any cool new things i can do to my computer! theoretically of course

Getting people to visit the site first time is more hard to find. A site that gets people to stay there once they have arrived is called “sticky”. You need to maintain and remind them to visit the site to be effective.

Thus to make your website sticky,
create original and compelling content on a regular basis,
design it in a way that appears clean, simple and easily available to use and
to fetch information.

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