I was told that a very good way to get the word out about a site and get everyone talking is to get in good w/ blogging sites. Apparently people like to link in their blogs, and it could get people talking.

How could I go about doing this though? I thought maybe giving big blog owners privileges such as being in the community helpers usergroup, but that doesn't seem too fair ;) I certainly can't just go e-mailing everyone saying: "Would you like to write about me in your blog?" the same way I would request a link exchange with sites.

So what, exactly, do I go about doing?

- Dani

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I've been wondering the same thing, and while I don't have an answer for you, I will offer to write about you in my blog! :) PM me with any particular wording you might want me to use.

Hi Dani,

I'd be happy to write about you in my blog (FWIW) at http://www.moving-target-software.com/blog . Just let me know what keywords you'd like me to use and what pages you want me linking to. Do you have a blog? I wouldn't mind an exchange :D

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One of the best things to do is to RSS syndicate your site.

Then register your RSS with blogspot or something of that nature. If you find one blogger that will syndicate you, you'll get traffic from his/her site quite a bit. Also, you'll find that anyone that links from his site generally also has a blog. Soon, your links will start popping up in blogs across the web.

I'm still to the point where I enjoy building websites and then forget about them. I'd like to get a website going and then have fun with growing it.. (try not to get frustrated)

creating content that people will link to? also rss feeds are good, i see you have no auto discovery for rss feeds i would suggest you add it. serps will pick them up and so will users using auto discovery(firefox etc.).

One of the best things to do is to RSS syndicate your site.

What is RSS syndicate your site mean? Sorry... Kinda clueless

me thinks the very best way is to provide fanatical support (good answers) to your current userbase

in a similar situation related to investing ... we frequently spend 10 to 20 minutes researching for a detailed answer to a specific problem / need (all for free)

word gets around that we will either get you a good answer or at least point you in the right direction

then you don't have to ask folks to endorse you ... they do it willingly and gladly ... cuz they know they are helping those they recommend you to

the only endorsements of weight are those that come from the heart


Well, it seems as though bloggers often like to link to other bloggers :-) Quite honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a blog that discusses the experience of running a very large forum (i.e. this one). So, maybe the key to getting bloggers interest is to have a DaniBlog? :-)

I also know that at least one podcaster in my industry (web hosting) fairly actively seeks out people to interview; although technically that isn't a 'blog mention,' it may be something to look into. The person I am referring to is Mitch Keeler (www.mitchkeeler.com and www.webhostingshow.com).

The best way to get in with "the bloggers" is to become one of them. Like reeces mentions, bloggers love linking to other bloggers.

My master plan:

1) Start a Daniblog
2) Read and comment on the blogs that you want to link to you. Provide your URL.

Eventually they'll start linking to your blog and or forums and or site.

That or just email them, sometimes it's tough to find things to write about and you do provide a very good service.

here is my strategy for getting into peoples blogs

find a vbulliten forum that is related to the content of your site that has a points/store system (also probally be good to have forum you actually like)

post there alot put your link to your site in your sig

then when you have enough points (like 500-600) offer 50 points to people will put your link in their blog for 2 weeks

then check your stats a to see which ones are perform when you have a couple days left before they expire and offer the ones that have been working out 100 points for another month.

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