i want to know when does google pay after we reach or cross $100

I have crossed, but still my payment date is not approved,

this is my first month with them/

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If you just started with them this month (July), your first check will be issued in late August. You have to have been with them one complete month I think, and then at the end of the next month, they will issue a check for the previous month.

i started with them in june/

If you hit $100 before July 1st, you will receive payment in late July / early August. If you hit $100 sometime in July, you will receive payment in late August / early September.

thanx a lot, one more question.

how does google send money in cheque ??

In USD or the country's currency/

Vinoth they pay you buy check. Using the wonderful snail mail system! Good question about currency.

Ive been thinking about using them, how much money do you earn from the adds per thousand views?
Dman i just realised how old this is ( i foundt it on google lol

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