Hi, I workd nearly 5 to 6 web projects useing CSS, But still i m facing the same problm in all browsers the page alignment and page format not comng properly for that any solutions is thr.

Starting onwards i m testing in all browsers dn also its very difficulting for me.

I have done it. There is a trick to it:

Don't use the same block element for both something using a defined width or size (either absolute or relative), and a surrounding style (margin, border, or padding). Nest them in the order you want them defined.


- Firefox puts the surrounding styles OUTSIDE the defined width or size of the block element.

- IE puts the surrounding styles INSIDE the defined width or size of the block element.

If you nest two blocks, o0ne with defined size, and one with surrounding styles, then YOU get to define whether the surrounding styles are inside, or outside, the defined sizes.

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use percentage in sizes and alignment rather than px.

Ya i agree, this is really hard! Wish the whole world used Gecko!
Anyway, you could try using the conditional tags Google it up.

<!--[if IE 6]>
Special instructions for IE 6 here