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I downloaded your page and uploaded it to my server and it looks good in both FF and IE.

For some reason, Firefox isn't grabbing the CSS file from your server.

Try using an absolute url to link to your css file instead of a relative link. In other words, link to the css using

<link href="http://www.imagetotext.com/themes/default/msvs_template_rounded_divs.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Thanks FC Jamison, I have tried that as well. I also tried cutting and pasting the text into Notepad and renaming the file to the same. Figured maybe it was corrupt. Same issue. I am at a loss here.


The Firefox error console (Tools->Error Console) says
"Unexpected end of file while searching for ',' or '{'. Ruleset ignored due to bad selector. "
It also has a link under that, when clicked, shows the source code for your css and highlights the first line of code(/*******************). This tells me that FF is finding your css file, it just doesn't like it.
I think it is somehow linked to all the comments in your .css file. Try making a copy with no comments in it and using it to see what happens.
Don't feel bad, apparently you aren't the only one scratching your head over this. Google the error.


After hours of troubleshooting CSS and HTML...and then IIS. I renamed the file with a .aspx extension and its all good.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

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