I want to make an FLV player which I can embed in web pages. Ive found some tutorials on the internet but they are very basic and because I don't know a whole lot about flash I cant improve on these.

If I'm doing this wrong, don't flame me. Im just a newbie :icon_cheesygrin:

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So whats your query??

Making an FLV player isn't a very tough job, but still you need pretty good knowledge of Flash and ActionScript.

Google flash tutorials and you'll get loads. These are two which I like.


Do you know any specific sites where I can find a tutorial to make a flv player. I know tutorialized doesn't have one.

If you want an easy solution coffeecup offer a out the box flash player

looks kind of dodgy. Its just a registry cleaner and its ticking all of the boxes to be a virus too.

the other link was different. I think it was because of one of those advertisements.

Thank you :)

yeah was probably an ad. I've used coffecup software abit as a developer and always found it easy to use and very cost effective, give the demo ago

Ive just downloaded it, it looks excellent. Bit of an expensive price though :(

i didnt think it was too bad, you might be able to find cheaper ones i guess

I dont like paying for things though :P

lol, I dont blame you

Please realize that you can't embed your player in a web page and have others use it. They can use only the players they have installed on their own computers.

For Linux you can check out Lives Video Player, which is open source, free.

If you are using Windows you can try<URL SNIPPED>, which is low cost and can convert most common video files into FLV format, and then generate the HTML code for you to embed to your existing web page.

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