I had no idea what category to really put this in but this seemed most relevant. Please feel free to move it to the correct category.

What I wanted to do was make my guide from my site downloadable by pdf but want to make it so that when the user logs in it encrypts their download with their payment info from clickbank. I also wanted something like a password for each person unique to them like their email, or something they couldn't share it off that pc.

if you ever bought tickets online from universal studios they do something similar which is they email you a pdf of your ticket customized for you. I would like to do this or know what allows me to do this

and if this is too hard or something then what is a good editor that I can protect the document with? Like above if they could only use it on that pc then it would be awesome

This definitely is not the best place for this thread as it it requires a server side language to what you want to do. What programming language will you be developing this in?

my guide is just made in word then i put it into html, and convert it to php right now with my current login.

I think I found a good program anyway at http://www.locklizard.com it's expensive but seems very good