hi there im a begginer whose rebuilding my basis web site www.racehorsetrainer.com.au. which is a racehorse trainers directory.
im rebuilding everything but the index in css.
the css page is complete only on some pages i will put a two column table to contain the directory information and some wont need two colums ie links page and trainer profile pages.
my ? is, is that ok to have a table in the body of css pages or should i be doing something else.
thanks again rob

There is no prohibition of tables, And I use CSS to format tables.

What is discouraged is using tables to create overall page margins and other website elements that are now covered nicely by CSS.

But there is nothing wrong with using tables if you need a rigid structure that won't fall apart when the browser window size changes.

You can set the number of columns in tables by doing one of the following:

- Use the colspan="2" attribute on rows that need only one wide column.

- Start a new table with only one column where you need only one column.

- Put a <br /> tag between td tags for an empty cell.