Ok here is my question. I had a school project where we had to build a website in Flash. So I built this site at purplefrogit.com (I bought the domain name cause I have asperations of some day starting my own business) That whole site is all contained in on Flash file using labels on the timeling to reference the different pages. I had a question I posed to my teacher that she just doesn't seem to understand. So here I am. On the support page which is a free blog that came from the hosting company, I wanted to have the links on the left hand side point to the coorisponding pages on the main site. So when you click the projects link it takes you to the projects page. How do you reference a label in a url? She keeps talking about the scripting in the Flash page and not getting at all what I want. I know how to reference the label in the Flash document. But this would be a major draw back of Flash if you can't reference individual pages that are created under one document. Kind of defeats the purpose of having it all in one documnet. Can this be done. and how? I don't need it for the class, but for my own personal quest to learn.

You mean create a weblink to another page?

Please don't tell me your entire website is on one page?

Well yes, that is what the assignment at the time was. To show the "advances of Flash". That you can build the site on one .fla page and just use frame labels to seperate the pages. I mean there are some advantages and "lazy/easy" designing involved with it. But yes I want to be able to go to the address bar right now, put in the URL that will take me to one of those labeled sections or pages as seen in the browser. I'm just curious if it can be done.

If you want to got to a keyframe in the same flash file just use

gotoAndStop(keyframe no)

or if its a webpage use

getURL(link, _target)