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I am making a small web site to post images onto. The images that I have are all over 1024x768 pixels in size. I want to make an index page with smaller versions of the images that the visitor can click on that will open up the larger images. What I am wondering about is displaying these thumbnail images. At first, I was just changing the width and height attributes in the <img> tag, but the image files were too big and the page took way too long to load. Is there any other way I can display thumbnails of an image without having to create a second, scaled-down version and saving it to the directory? Thanks for any help in advance.

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No, because you will always access this bigones no matter how mutch you resize them, their are still same data size. You better do scale-down version of them.

If you are using a server-side language, such as PHP, you can use image magik (or equivalent) to dynamically scale down the images. This is most likely more trouble than it's worth, unless your entire site is dynamic already.


Check out Free Online Image Resizer/Converter. You can resize your image on the fly without having to download any software. You can also convert your image format to JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP during the resizing process. They also offer a downloadable version that allows you to resize multiple images in an entire folder all at once.

I think If you are using PHP, you can use image magic (or equivalent) to dynamically scale down the images.

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