I have created a horizontal spry menu bar in Dreamweaver and customized it using the CSS file they provide. However, when i view to page online, the submenus are already visible underneath their parent category. I cannot figure out how to have them hidden until the rollover of the mouse triggers their visibility. Here's the link.


PLEASE HELP! It's probably an easy fix but it's driving me nuts


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I actually haven't figured it out - I just substituted the horizontal drop down menu for a tab menu which seems to be working out ok. Unfortunately I don't like this aesthetic as much as the drop down menu but it will have to do until I learn how to fix the other problem


So how come are we going to know what the problem. Not all of us including me have Dreamweaver CS3.:confused:

Or, you give us another link to the that page, or if you dont want a solution mark it solved.

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