hi im studying a degree in multimedia and have to think about my disseration idea. i thought about something to do with the history of web design like looking at past present and future web design and maybe linking it with sci fi or something on the side.

like how things are gona be in the future.

anyone got any tips for me? or ideas?

thx in advance.

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There is a website out there (Not too sure what it is called) but it has cached websites for the past 10years so you can go back in time and have a look at Yahoo 5 years ago and stuff like that.

And just think within a few years websites will not be like they are now!!!!! a website in the future will be like a T.V programme because internet if they still call it that in the future will be 1,000 Meg a second data transfers, so full video streaming will be the NEW Div tag and fully interactive 3D AI moddeling will be the next generation of CSS.

Well we can all hope ;-)


You have selected a nice topic and you can even make it better by including a comparison between the past picture of web design with today's web designing technology.

How about writing on how designers have to waste time rewriting web pages that used to work, because the software makers and the W3C keep changing the standards.

It's just like the forced change to DTV that everyone hates. The clowns in charge can't leave the standards alone.

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