i'm trying to get a page working.. single page, 3 columns using css. 2 jpgs 1 left colum 1 right colum and text in the middle column....

In front page left picture is just an outline with the infamous red box.. but when i view it with IE and firefox they both display properly... i loaded the page onto my domain.. neither picture is viewable. during slow load.. i see the outline of the boxes.. but once loading complete.. no pictures. i'm at work now so i can't post the code.. but the online site is viewable ...www.ohiochirorelief.com

i'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out why it's happening. any help would be greatly appreciated...

thanks again

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You have to upload the images to the server. Notice how Ohio.gif works but the other 2 images dont. Here's the path to Ohio.gif :
You need to put the 2 Dr.Rex images into the same folder that ohio.gif is in, on the server.

It's easy to lose images when the names are mixed case. I would make all file and image names lowercase. If you can drop the periods and use underscores if you want the space.

For most servers, there can be only one period in a filename. It must be between the name and the.jpg extension.

I changed the file names to lower case, there is only one period in each file name .jpg . i added an alt tag to see if that might help.. the tag shows but the pic doesn't.

any other ideas? hopefully...

Thanks for the help


ok.. after playing some more.. i decided to validate the css at w3c... lo and behold i had validation errors.. .. cleaned those up and it works now... well almost. i'm going to mark this thread as solved and start a new one with the last problem .. <div> not div'ing ;)

Thanks for the help

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