Hi All,

I'm having a problem.

I just had someone fancy up my new e-book with real photos & colour & whatnot & now it's up to the size of 20 MB.

WinZipping it doesn't help & I need to compress it so much that I'm stuck whether I should use Total Commander or WinRAR.

First I need to be able to send it to people & eventually I will be uploading it onto my server & people will be downloading it from there, but it still needs to be easy to manage. With my other manuals I use Total Commander to do that using their self extracting feature, but none of the files I have on my server are as big as this new one.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks & have a great day !


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Well I'm trying, but it still won't compress it enough.

In fact, it makes the file larger w/ WinRAR then with WinZip :cry:

Do you know anything about compressing just the gifs yet keeping them a high resolution?

Anyone? Pls. HELP !!!

Thanks :)


use winrar because it has good compression and can open everything


if the images have small color palettes try a png.
if they have large palettes (i.e. photos) try jpegs.
then reinsert them and see what happens.

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